This is the website of Jenny Theobald and Tobias Gerlach. The two of us are both zoologists as well as photographers and we try to combine our work and fascination for nature as much as possible. During numerous field trips to remote places but also in the local countryside here in southern Germany, we encounter or work with a vast variety of wonderful wildlife and beautiful landscapes. This website is the place to display our photographic passion for nature.

Here is a short article on how our pictures are being taken.

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments regarding this site, or if you want to buy / use some of our pictures, send us an email:

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Our pictures have been published in a wide range of online and print media, while we have a special interest in illustriating scientific topics and conservational projects.

People and Portraits

Jenny has a separate website for her portrait pictures: find them at jennytheobald.com

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