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  Behind the lens, part II
  A second quick view on how our pictures are being taken.
  [Uploaded 22. Dec. 2012]

  DIY Flash diffuser
  Improve your flash images with a home-made flash diffuser!
  [Uploaded 29. Jan. 2012]

Behind the
            lens  Behind the lens, part I
  A brief view on how our pictures are being taken.
  [Uploaded 7. Jan. 2012]

Travel notes -
            Hungary  Travel notes - Hungary
  A short introduction about some really interesting places in Hungary.
  [Uploaded 12. Sept. 2011]

            photography  Tropical rainforests - photographing under harsh conditions
  How to deal with low light and excessive humidity while still getting around in tropical rainforests.
  [Uploaded 12. Jul. 2011]

            composition Image composition
  Four basic points to keep in mind when composing your frames.
   [Uploaded 24. Nov. 2010]


            grey filter  DIY grey filter for long-time exposures
  Make your own grey filter out of welding glass.
   [Uploaded 30. Oct. 2010]


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